Voluntary pollution of Marchica Lake in Nador: An investigation is opened

Following the petition of several associations in Nador, about the deliberate discharge of wastewater into the lagoon of Marchica, a central commission of the Office has been diligent, on the instructions of Mr. Director General of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water from 04 to 06 August 2022 in the city of Nador to investigate on site the situation of all points of discharge into the lagoon of Marchica. 

The press release reveals that after the different visits made by the commission to the discharge points object of the petition, it turned out that no deliberate discharge of wastewater is found and no foul odor was felt at the level of all the existing discharge points and may discharge into the lagoon of Marchica. 

The same source emphasizes that “the sanitation teams of ONEE on site remain very committed and spare no effort in monitoring and management of sanitation works especially during this summer period characterized by the influx of a large number of visitors to the city of Nador. 

In parallel, the services of ONEE ensure continuous coordination with local authorities and the Agency for the Development of the Site of the Marchica
Lagoon in Nador to carry out the necessary actions to avoid any possible discharge to the said lagoon for the preservation of this site with high biological and ecological potential.

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