Morocco-Israel: trade stands at over $117 million

Relations between Israel and Morocco are moving in the right direction. The economic and trade cooperation agreement between the governments of the two countries seems to be bearing fruit. Indeed, after the restoration of diplomatic relations, trade between Israel and Morocco reached 117.11 million euros in 2021.

However, according to data from the Israel Export Institute based on information from the Central Bureau of Statistics, exports of Israeli goods to Morocco in 2021 increased by about 214% compared to 2020, or about 12 million dollars. These include vehicles, aircraft and ships as well as transport equipment, plastics, rubber and its derivatives, industrial chemicals, machinery, electrical equipment, audio and video technology.

In 2020, Morocco exported $9.76 million worth of goods to Israel, including processed vegetables, processed fish and beer. In the same year, Israel exported $11.2 million worth of products to Morocco, including aircraft, helicopters and spacecraft, vinyl polymers and centrifuges.

Ohad Cohen, director of the Israel Foreign Trade Administration, said that in 2021, imports of goods from Morocco amounted to $57 million, “down about 15% from 2020, when imports from Morocco amounted to about $67 million.”

The Kingdom’s exports to the Hebrew state include auto parts, textiles and textile products, olives, canned fish and… pasta.

The aforementioned figures differ from those of the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, which reveals that Israel’s imports of goods from Morocco reached $117.11 million last year. The two countries intend to go up to $250 million a year in imports and exports. According to the COMTRADE database, Israeli exports to Morocco reached $30.72 million in 2021.

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