Towards an increase in the price of bread in Morocco?

In the wake of rising grain prices on the world market, bakers are focusing on the possibility of increasing the price of bread if they do not receive government support. This is confirmed by Nourredine Lafif, president of the National Federation of Bakery and Pastry of Morocco. In a statement to the Moroccan press, he recalled that the price of bread is not directly subsidized by the state, at a time when the cost of production is not the same as before.      
Indeed, the government has increased the budget for compensation of the price of domestic soft wheat flour and its derivatives. The spokesman for the government, Mustapha Baitas had said, February 10, 2022, that the Executive spends 50 million dirhams each month to maintain the price of bread at its current level.    For
their part, bakers, at least those affiliated to the federation, demand specific support for their sector in addition to a contract program. 

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