France: Psychiatric examination for the Moroccan who beheaded his father

In front of the investigators and the examining magistrate, the defendant acknowledged his act “while providing confused explanations questioning potential psychiatric disorders”, said AFP in a statement.

For this purpose, a psychiatric expertise was required on the concerned. Knowing that the
doctors in charge of controlling the compatibility of his state of health with the regime of his custody have noticed these disorders. “
This led the magistrates to request a psychiatric examination of the person concerned at the time of his incarceration at the Corbas (Rhône) prison so that detention in a specially equipped hospital unit could be envisaged by the prison administration,” the press release stressed.

According to the same source, the criminal procedure continues in order to “understand the reasons for this act and to deepen through psychiatric and psychological expertise the knowledge of the personality of the accused”.

It should be noted that the accused was seen, last Sunday, by municipal agents, walking with a head in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other, after the discovery of the decapitated body of his father. On the arrival of the police officers, the individual would have tried to strike them with a knife without injuring them.

In legal situation, the accused is known for common facts, on bottom of family disputes, alcohol and drugs.

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