Will Emmanuel Macron visit Morocco in October?

In the said video, which seems to be filmed on the sidelines of the Touquet Music Beach concerts, Emmanuel Macron indicated that he would visit Morocco at the end of October, in response to a question from an individual present there. 

Regarding the veracity of the video, the President of the Republic was indeed seen in Le Touquet this Saturday, according to several French media. Accompanied by the first lady, the couple, enjoying a last private weekend before the return to school, went to the electro festival of the seaside town in northern France, where he wore the same clothes featured in the above-mentioned video.

Morocco occupies an important place in the eyes of France, which considers the Kingdom as a “friendly country”. An appellation that dates back to the time of independence and remains relevant despite the crises that may have arisen. Speculation abounds on all sides to try to glimpse what relations between Rabat and Paris will look like during this second term of Emmanuel Macron, who has not visited Morocco since November 15, 2018, the date of the inauguration of the Tangier-Kenitra TGV where he accompanied HM the King. Yet he has just returned from a visit to Algiers, which resulted in the creation of a joint commission of historians to smooth out the differences over the memory issue, which had strained relations last fall.

It should be remembered that the migration issue remains one of the thorny points between Rabat and Paris. The decision to halve the number of visas granted to Moroccans was received with annoyance by the Moroccan authorities, who, however, are cooperating proactively on the issue of isolated minors.

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