Safi / Fishing: Increase of 28% of landings

The landings of coastal and artisanal fisheries products at the port of Safi have recorded an increase of 28% during the first seven months of the current year to 35,505 tons (T), against 27,638 T in the same period of 2021.

The market value of these products has also increased by 5% to 206.479 million dirhams (MDH) at the end of last July, against 196.866 MDH at the same period a year earlier, says the National Fisheries Office (ONP) in its recent report on statistics on coastal and artisanal fishing in Morocco during the first seven months of 2022.

The same source also reports a 28% rebound in landings of pelagic fish during the period from January to July 2022 in the port of the City of the Ocean, to reach 32,907 t, a value of around 100.939 million dirhams (+13%).

The report also highlights a 9% increase to 871 tons (34.691 million dirhams/+7%) of white fish catches at the end of July at the port infrastructure of Safi.

Regarding cephalopods, landings are, however, down 10% to 858 tons (63.293 million dirhams / -13%), while those of shellfish amounted to 59 tons (4.319 million dirhams / +81%).

As for seaweed, landings were established at 809 T (3.237 MDH, +631%), notes the report.

At the national level, landings of marketed products of coastal and artisanal fisheries have increased by 20% to 719,925 tons (T) during the first seven months of the year 2022.

The value of these landings has exceeded 5.4 billion dirhams (MMDH), an increase of 7% compared to the end of July 2021, according to the ONP.

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