Hassan Iquioussen awaits the fateful decision of the Belgian justice

The Moroccan imam, Hassan Iquioussen, sees his fate played out this Tuesday, when the Belgian authorities examine the European arrest warrant issued by France. The preacher, who wants to escape the grip of the French authorities, risks being extradited to a country that has decided to expel him because of its relentless fight against what its government calls “Islamic separatism.
Despite the risk he faces, he is reassured and has confidence in the justice system, according to his lawyer, Lucie Simon. “Hassan Iquioussen trusts the Belgian justice system not to give in to pressure from a French executive eager for a media trophy to serve a disastrous legislative agenda,” she said in a statement.
In case of his extradition to France, Hassan Iquioussen, remember, will be put in administrative detention until the Moroccan authorities decide the request of their French counterparts. Morocco, we recall, has suspended the consular pass granted a few months ago. The Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, said that he has transmitted all the data concerning Hassan Iquioussen to the Moroccan authorities, who, according to him, want to know more details about the person.
After being the subject of an expulsion order signed by Gerald Darmanin, Hassan Iquioussen tried several appeals, including the Administrative Court of Paris, which suspended the expulsion decision. This pushed the Minister of the Interior to refer to the Council of State where he won the case. After a month on the run, Iquioussen was arrested on September 30 in Belgium.  

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