Moroccan olive oil excluded from the world’s top 10

For the first time in the history of the guide, two Spanish and Italian oils are ranked first. Then come, in order, three other Spanish oils, three Italian, one Croatian and one from Brazil.

Indeed, the 100 best olive oils come mainly from ten countries: 68 oils from Spain, 17 from Italy, 4 from Greece, 3 from Croatia, 2 from France, 2 from Tunisia, and one oil from Morocco. This is also the case for Portugal, Brazil, and South Africa.

Morocco, which ranked 90th, won, moreover, the title of the best picholine, the brand “NOOR FES”, known for its quality, winning the gold medal at the international competition EVO-IOOC (International Olive Council) in Italy in 2021.

As a reminder, every year
Guide presents the EVOO TOP100, the 100 best extra virgin olive oils in the world, based on the results obtained at the International Awards for the quality of extra virgin olive oil EVOOLEUM Awards. This is a competition highly recognized for its rigor and reliability, with a panel of expert tasters in the field.

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