Parliamentarian: the profits of hydrocarbon companies are equivalent to the budget of the Ministry of the Interior

Ahmed El Abbadi, a member of the Progress and Socialism team in the House of Representatives, called on the government to restart the refinery of “Samir” to contribute to a partial relief of the rising fuel prices.

During a legislative session held Tuesday by the House of Representatives, he described the Samir file as the “core of the government”, which his team will not cease to raise before the government at every opportunity until it finds a solution.

He also criticized the silence and lack of intervention of the government vis-à-vis the profit margins made by the hydrocarbon companies, which are estimated by some sources at an amount estimated at 45 billion dirhams, which is equivalent to the total financial coverage allocated to the sub-budget of the Ministry of Interior for the next year.

He called on the government to strengthen the home front and deal more intelligently with the current international situation, to intensify communication with Parliament and to show political courage to explain the decisions taken.

He recalled that the energy needs have cost Morocco fabulous sums, which reached 47 billion dirhams during the current year, while it was recorded in previous years 21 billion dirhams.

“The government does not take into account the opinions of constitutional institutions, including the opinion issued in 2020 by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, in which the government recommends the use of alternative energy,” he said.

It should be noted that the House of Representatives has unanimously voted the bill on self-generation of electrical energy, which is part of the distribution of energy sources producing electricity.

Under this law, Moroccans, or companies, will be able to self-generate electricity, use it for their own purposes and sell the surplus to the electricity grid.

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