Gibraltar wants to make Morocco its first trading partner

The Gibraltar Morocco Business Association (GMBA) is working in symbiosis with the British Chamber of Commerce for Morocco, to help the former increase trade with Morocco, reveals a Gibraltar media.  

The businessman said that Gibraltar could benefit from the trade treaty between Morocco and the United Kingdom, adding that he held a video conference with the British ambassador to Morocco on the subject. The British diplomat told the businessman that he will work to increase the level of trade between the two parties.   

It should be noted that trade between Morocco and Britain was about 1.8 billion pounds sterling for the year 2021. 

As an example, a British company is already considering ambitious plans to start a renewable energy project that will be transported by a 4000 meter long cable from Morocco.  

Businessman Joshua Llhote and the British ambassador were able to recall, during their webinar, the historical relationship of Morocco with Gibraltar, for which the latter has issued a coin that celebrates the bilateral relationship between the two parties. The coin depicts a ship crossing the Strait to supply the Rock after Spanish dictator Franco closed the border in 1969.    

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