M’Diq: a girl in a coma after a medical error

What was supposed to be a simple surgery to remove tonsils quickly turned into a nightmare for a family in the north. A little girl fell into a coma after a medical error at a hospital in M’Diq.

The father of the girl confided in the Moroccan press, indicating that he had gone on Wednesday with his child to the hospital, so that she undergoes a tonsillectomy. The intervention would have taken nearly 3 hours, he said.

The father explained that his daughter did not wake up from the anesthesia, which required her evacuation to the Saniat Rmel hospital in Tetouan, where she was placed in the resuscitation department.

The diagnosis made by the management of the hospital in Tetouan indicates that the girl’s organs are failing, except for her heart, due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Salma’s father points the finger at the medical staff of the hospital, accusing them of medical error. He called for the opening of an investigation to determine what happened to his daughter, indicating that he will file a complaint with the competent authorities, so that justice is done.

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