The family of a Moroccan man who died in Bulgaria launches an appeal

The members of a family, originally from the territorial community of Ratb, province of Errachidia, have appealed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and MREs, requesting his intervention with the Bulgarian authorities.

And this, in order to find the trace of one of theirs who has not given any sign of life for two weeks. In this regard, Houssine, the brother of the disappeared, said he learned two weeks ago, that the latter would have died at the Serbian-Bulgarian border, but that the family is not yet sure and certain of the veracity of this sad news.

Hence, he stressed, in case his brother died, this urgent appeal by the family to Nasser Bourita so that he can help it to repatriate the remains of the deceased. Houssine also told the Moroccan press that his brother, along with several other people, had intended to go to Italy, via the Balkans, but he died in a forest in Bulgaria because he was very sick and no longer had the strength to continue the journey.

Regarding the death of his brother, the interlocutor also assured the Moroccan press that one of the travel companions of the missing man sent a photo of him to the family that shows him lying on the ground, stressing that his death occurred in “enigmatic” circumstances.

Houssine also explained that his brother intended to go to Italy and settle there in the hope of improving his financial situation, but that fate decided otherwise. And, in turn, he urged the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and MREs to find, first, the body of the deceased and proceed, thereafter, to the repatriation of the remains of the deceased to Morocco.

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