Emmanuel Macron Talking about Morocco & Algeria

Managing relations with Morocco and Algeria seems to be an increasingly difficult task for France, whose influence in the Maghreb continues to wane as time goes by. Paris finds itself in a dilemma in wanting to remain on good terms with both Morocco and Algeria, preserving a kind of subtle balance. A strategy that has difficulty in working, what to worry President Emmanuel Macron, who spoke about the tension between Rabat and Algiers in a new interview he gave to the magazine “Le Point”. For the tenant of the Elysee, the war is not desirable between the two brothers of the Maghreb. “The question is important. I do not want to believe it, because neither Algeria nor Morocco are irrational powers,” he said, when asked by the writer Kamal Daoud, who did the interview for the right-wing magazine.

“I do not believe that Morocco and Algeria have this prospect of war. The tension is there, real, and what is alarming is when the tension becomes structuring the national fact and political life on both sides,” continued the French president who assured that the appeasement between the two countries is important to France.

For Emmanuel Macron, who tried during his term of office to get closer to Algeria to close the memorial issue, “the war is not a reality that can arise. “On the other hand, I see the speculation in some, the fantasy in others and even the desire for war in some, and I see the distance that this creates,” he said.

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