The artist Mohamed El Ghaoui is no more

The singer, composer and lyricist, Mohamed El Ghaoui, passed away this Saturday, February 4, at the military hospital in Rabat where he was placed in intensive care due to a brain hemorrhage. The deceased has since entered a comatose state that lasted for a month.

A graduate of the Mawahib (Talents) school, Mohamed El Ghaoui was born in Salé in 1956. He is among the pioneers of Moroccan song, with a rich repertoire of nearly 80 songs with melodies drawn from the rhythms of Moroccan folklore.

It is an artist who always had the concern to accompany the generation with a style opened on the young people. Among his most outstanding songs of his career, El Ghorba, Lâachq Lgadi, performed with mastery.

The deceased participated in many epics, including the one in three parts written by the artist Mohamed Hassan Al-Joundy and presented at the Cairo Opera (Malhamat al-Ahd). He was also known for his acting roles in the series “Radia”, “Hand in Hand”, “Life goes on” and “Aswat Al-Madina”.

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