Tomato price hike: the Ministry of Agriculture called to account

After the new surge in tomato prices, MP Abdallah Bouanou, member of the parliamentary group of the PJD in the House of Representatives has sent a written question to the Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests. In his question, Bouano asked Mohamed Sadiki the reasons for the suspension of the work of the committee.

Bouanou also asked to know the truth about the purchase of tomatoes from the domestic market and their export to international markets.  The PJDist deputy also wants to know what measures the Ministry of supervision intends to take to lower the price of tomatoes in the markets as well as those of other fruits and vegetables?

Bouano announced the decision of professional associations of fruit and vegetables to withdraw from the commission that has formed the Ministry of supervision for the management of the problem of supply of the domestic market. He said that the associations are indignant of their exclusion as representatives of professionals and protest against the control of members of the commission and administrative executives on the taking of decisions they consider “unilateral” and have no relationship with the realities of the field.

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