Beni Mellal-Khénifra: Expected production of 290,000 tons of citrus

A production of 290,000 tons of citrus is expected in the region Beni Mellal-Khénifra after the recent rains that have had a positive impact on the progress of the agricultural campaign.
 The region has experienced a remarkable boom in the citrus industry which contributes to 20% of national production.

 This boom instilled after the implementation of the Regional Agricultural Plan (RAP) has doubled the volume of production which has increased from 210,000 T to more than 500,000 T “for the normal season”, an increase of nearly 138%, thus exceeding the target that was set for 2020 which provided a production of about 424,130 T.

 Citrus currently covers an area of 18,100 Ha including 16,900 Ha equipped with drip thanks to the plan to save water irrigation and incentives granted by the state. The citrus area equipped with drip has, thus, increased from 7,843 Ha in 2008 to 16,900 Ha currently, a progression of 115%. This area represents more than 89% of the planted area.

 The variety Maroc Late covers 23% of the planted area, followed by the variety Navel (19%), the variety Sidi Aissa (9%) and Nadorcott whose area is 5%.

 This crop generates a turnover exceeding 1 billion dirhams. It contributes with nearly 7% of national citrus exports.

 Since the implementation of the PAR Beni Mellal-Khénifra, the sector has experienced in the region of radical changes in all its links.
 This strategic crop in the region plays a socio-economic role of the first order insofar as it creates more than 3 million working days per year upstream and downstream of the sector.

 Regarding the development of production, 4 packaging stations have been created for the development of some 140,000 tons per year.

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