Mehdia: 20 million DH for the new fish market

This project, whose overall investment cost is estimated at 20 million dirhams, is part of the implementation of the guidelines of the strategy “Halieutis” aimed at developing the coastal fishing sector in Morocco, and modernize the structures of reception and marketing of fishery products in the port of Mehdia, says a statement from the department.    
Beyond strengthening the organization of the flow of fisheries products and the optimal development of catches, this new fish market is an important milestone in the continued development of the sector in the region, it adds.

 Located in the port of Mehdia, on a total area of 1,460 m2, this new hall will be equipped with identification and exhibition areas for sale and shipment, a cold room for better preservation of product quality and technical and administrative premises.

   This project also consists of the development of a part of the current hall in units of management of standardized containers (UGCN), on an area of 260 m2, as well as a local sale of pelagic fish with a weighbridge on an area of 160 m2.   
 In terms of activity, landings of fish products in the port of Mehdia reached 10,760 tons in 2022, for a value of 84.5 million dirhams. 
In a statement, Sadiki said it is “a very important site to structure the distribution and marketing of seafood in the region, add value and allow traceability of fish monitoring on health and quality through digital technologies. He noted that the volume landed the previous year at Mehdia is nearly “11,000 tons of fish.

 For its part, the Director General of the National Fisheries Office, Amina Figuigui, said that the construction project of this new generation hall, spread over 12 months, is an extension of the department’s actions to improve working conditions for all operators in the sector, ensure compliance with international standards and norms in this area and enhance the value of seafood.

 It should be noted that the launch of this project took place in the presence of the Governor of the province of Kenitra, the presidents of the town of Mehdia, the Federation of Chambers of Maritime Fisheries, the Chamber of Maritime Fisheries North Atlantic and officials of the Ministry.

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