Salé: images of the animal center of El Arjat shock the Web

The Alliance of the Left Federation announced that on Wednesday it received shocking images of the animal center of El Arjat, near Salé, built by Rabat Aménagement and managed by the national association for the protection of animals and the environment. And the least we can say is that these pictures are unbearable.

We see dogs in a pitiful state, locked in cages, dying or starving, lifeless bodies, an unsanitary space… On one video, a puppy, in a skeletal state, dying of hunger and thirst, had no choice but to feed on the body of a dead dog

According to the Alliance, this clinic, a pilot project to be replicated in other cities, takes in stray dogs as part of the sterilization and vaccination program implemented by the municipalities of Rabat and Salé. After their recovery, these dogs are released.

The Alliance accuses the association of mismanagement and calls on officials to intervene to punish the culprits.

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