El Jadida: The fishing products amount to 41,473 tons

The products of coastal and artisanal fisheries in the port of El Jadida have recorded a significant increase exceeding 100% compared to the previous year, to 41,473 tons (T) against 18,061 T in 2021. In terms of financial values, according to the figures of the provincial delegation of the National Fisheries Office (ONP) of 235,443.54 KDH, against 128,356.31 in 2021, an increase of more than 90% compared to the previous year.

At the head of the landings of fishery products, seaweeds point with 24,370 T, for a value of 105,555.11 KDH, against 1,242 T, for a value of 1,463.54 KDH, recorded in 2021, followed by pelagics with 15,908 T and a value of nearly 49,821.02 KDH, against 15,557 T and 58,251.78 KDH in 2021. Cephalopods come next with 755 T, for a value of 61,549.58 KDH, against 754 T and a value of 53,018kDH in 2021, followed by crustaceans with 229 T and white fish, with 211 T, against 161 T in 2021. This is a total of 41,473 T, for a value of 235,443.54 KDH, against 18,061 T for a value of 128,356.31 KDH in 2021, said the new provincial delegate of the maritime district of El Jadida, Abdelouahad Rouagbi.

Several factors explain these exceptional performances, including the development, good management and organization that mark the fish market of this port facility, which has become a real point of attraction for professionals in the sector in the region. Thus, the fish market meets “the best health standards and hosts in hygienic conditions and health security, a larger volume of fish products, while allowing the speed of marketing operations and ensures the development and quality of products,” said for his part Mohamed Ghazouani, owner of the fishing port of El Jadida. 
 It should be noted that the coastal fishing fleet registered in the Department of Maritime Fisheries (DPM) of El Jadida is about 65 vessels, while the number of boats listed on the register of registration is 1,594. At the level of the maritime district of El Jadida, the active fleet of artisanal fishing is about 1,425, and operates in the fishing ports of El Jadida, Jorf Lasfar, the landing points (PDA) of Lahdida, Sidi Abed and several fishing sites under this district.

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