First edition of Ben’s Camp 2023, the first 100% Bikers camping event.

The premier national motorcycle camping event that brings together over 30 invited clubs from Morocco, France, Spain, and others.

This event will take place in the eco-system of Benslimane, known for its natural and environmental richness. The BEN’S CAMP camping event aims to promote the territorial identity of the Benslimane region as well as its cultural and societal wealth.

Ben’s Camp in its OPENING EDITION 2023 will be organized on May 19th, 20th, and 21st. The event is sponsored by private and public partners and will be attended by local authorities from the region.

The first edition of BEN’S CAMP is an opportunity to discover the exceptional region of Benslimane with live music, bike show, demo ride, cultural and artisanal exhibitions, and an on-site raffle.


Founded in September 2014, FEAR THE BEARD RC Club has distinguished itself as the first RIDING CLUB (RC) motorcycle club in Morocco. Since then, its members have worked to promote and valorize the motorcycle culture and lifestyle in Moroccan society, focusing on safety and civic responsibility on two wheels.

In 2017, the club took a new direction by creating the BROTHERHOOD association, committed to promoting humanitarian and charitable actions. BROTHERHOOD RIDING CLUB is a non-profit national association governed by the provisions of decree n° 1.58.376 of Joumada I 1378 (November 15, 1958), regulating the right of association, as amended and supplemented.

Since its establishment, BROTHERHOOD RIDING CLUB has been involved in several national charitable projects. The goal is to serve Moroccan society as an example of civic-mindedness and two-wheeler safety while promoting motorcycle culture. The club seeks to partner with like-minded partners who share the same philosophy and values to work on projects together.

BROTHERHOOD RIDING CLUB takes pride in its commitment to Moroccan society and the international community and is dedicated to continuing its humanitarian and charitable actions in the future. The club invites all those who share its vision to join them in working together for a common cause

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