8-year prison sentence for repeat offender

The twenty-two-year-old criminal was arrested after assaulting a young man, leaving him with a permanent disability in his left eye.

Why would this young man, one of the victims, invent a whole story of assault and incite other victims to lodge a complaint against this defendant who is standing in the dock at the courtroom of the criminal division of the Tangier Court of Appeal? That’s the question the president of the court has just put to this twenty-two-year-old defendant, prosecuted under arrest for robbery and assault and battery resulting in permanent disability. The defendant remained mute because, obviously, he didn’t have an answer.

Appearing before the court, the victim, a young man, said that the thug, armed with a knife, cut him off. He asked him to hand over everything he was carrying. But the victim explained that all he had in his pocket was a five-dirham coin. A paltry sum that the victim thought he wasn’t interested in. Unexpectedly, he asked her to hand it over before trying to put his hand in her pocket. The young victim put up fierce resistance to prevent him from taking the small five-dirham coin. Furious, the accused used his knife and seriously hit the young man’s left eye. Unable to continue defending himself, the thug seized the coin and fled.

In court, the accused denies the charges against him, arguing that it’s a fabricated story. However, other victims have already lodged complaints against him, and given evidence after taking the oath. These include a young woman, employed in an industrial unit, from whom he took a smartphone. She also said that he brandished his knife to force her to give him her phone, and threatened to hurt her if she dared to ask for help or make any noise. Another victim, a young man, was robbed of a sum of money without injury, and yet another victim was robbed of his hat.
 Verdict: Found guilty of the charges brought against him, the accused was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.

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