3 suicide cases in 72 hours in El Jadida

In the space of three days, three cases of suicide have been recorded in El Jadida. The latest occurred on Sunday May 28, at around 9.30 pm, when the body of a young man in his thirties was discovered hanging from a rope attached to a post on the terrace of a home in Derb Ghallef.
The second case of suicide was recorded the day before, on Saturday May 27, in a home on rue Mauritanie in the Sidi Daoui district. A fifty-eight-year-old father and butcher was found dead, also hanging from a rope.
On Thursday May 25, a civil servant in a commune of the city of El Jadida, in her fifties, also took her own life by hanging, on boulevard Bagdad.
The three corpses were evacuated to the morgue for autopsies to determine the causes and circumstances of these three acts of suicide.

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