3-year-old child victim of marital conflict

Halfway to the hospital, a severely injured three-year-old boy breathes his last. Was his death natural, accidental or the result of foul play? The ambulance driver had the answer.

We are in the rural commune of Sidi Ali Korati in the province of Essaouira. On the night of Sunday May 7, a municipal worker received a telephone call from a mother informing him that her three-year-old son had fallen from the terrace. Seriously injured, he had to be evacuated to the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah provincial hospital in Essaouira. Indeed, the agent in question called for an ambulance belonging to the Aqrmud rural commune. With the child in her arms, she and her husband – the child’s stepfather – boarded the ambulance. Only, halfway through the journey, the child gave up the ghost.

The ambulance driver continued on his way to the hospital, without engaging in the slightest conversation with the victim’s parents. On arrival, the medical staff noticed that the child had been reduced to an inert corpse. The couple explained to the medical staff that the child had fallen from the terrace. The medical staff were not convinced by this version, as they noticed traces of violence on the child’s small body. Meanwhile, the ambulance driver, who was due to leave the hospital and head back to the rural commune of Aqrmud, stayed behind and had no intention of leaving. Unbeknownst to the couple, he dialed a number on his smartphone.

A few minutes later, the judicial police burst through the hospital’s main door. They spoke directly to the ambulance driver. After a brief conversation, the police led the couple to a hospital office. Confronted by the ambulance driver, the faces of the mother and her husband turned pale. The paramedic revealed to the investigators that, while behind the wheel, he had overheard a heated conversation between the couple. He quickly realized that the couple disagreed on the version of events concerning the child’s death that he had to relate to the doctors.

They finally agreed on the version of an accidental fall. However, the investigators also noticed wounds and bruises on the upper limbs and faces of the wife and husband. This proved that there had been an argument between the two, and confirmed what the ambulance driver had heard. Finally, the couple confessed. He said that during their argument, the child’s stepfather threw him off the terrace. His intention was to take revenge on his wife.

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