Meknes: one man arrested for possession and trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances

On Thursday, elements of the anti-gang brigade of the Meknes police prefecture arrested a 24-year-old man with a criminal record for his alleged involvement in possession and trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances, on the basis of precise information provided by the services of the Direction Générale de la Surveillance du Territoire (DGST).

The culprit was arrested at a roadside checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Meknes, immediately after arriving on board a passenger bus from one of the Kingdom’s northern cities, according to security sources.

Searches led to the seizure of 2,032 psychotropic tablets in his possession, including 928 “Zepam” tablets, 602 “Nordaz” tablets and 502 “Ecstasy” tablets, the source added.

The suspect was taken into custody for the purposes of an investigation by the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to determine the possible ramifications of this criminal activity and any criminal acts attributed to the person concerned. These operations are part of the efforts of the Direction Générale de la Sûreté Nationale (DGSN) and the DGST to combat the smuggling and trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances.

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