Twenty young man sexually abuses a 12-year-old girl

A young man, aged 27, was arrested late afternoon on Monday June 12 by members of the Royal Gendarmerie in Aït Âmira, in the province of Chtouka-Aït Baha, for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl, according to a judicial source. The young pedophile hijacked the girl and raped her so brutally that she had to be taken to hospital. A complaint was lodged by the girl’s parents, so that the gendarmes mobilized, went to the hospital and interviewed the victim, who recounted the ordeal she had endured. The Royal Gendarmerie immediately set up a mousetrap so that the accused could fall into their net. Placed in police custody and subjected to questioning, he confessed and was brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Agadir Court of Appeal on Wednesday June 14.

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