A cab broker hijacks underage girls in Bir Jdid

In Bir Jdid, some fifty kilometers north of the city of El Jadida, elements of the judicial police of the security district have just incapacitated a septuagenarian paedophile, before bringing him recently before the public prosecutor’s office of the El Jadida Court of Appeal, which remanded him in custody. Given his age, nobody suspected that he was a paedophile. Each time, he would ask an under-age girl from the neighborhood to do some shopping for him. Once she returned home, in a room he rented in the Derb Jdid neighborhood, he would make sexual advances in exchange for a sum of money. The girls would give in without revealing the secret to anyone. But when the mother of one of the girls learned that her daughter was seeing him, she filed a complaint. Police investigations identified several of the victims, who revealed the secret when questioned. Examination of the victims by the forensic pathologist revealed that this paedophile only took advantage of their bodies superficially, without going all the way.

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