Mohammedia: A suspected crack dealer arrested by the police

During the arrest in flagrante delicto, police seized 200 grams of the drug, bottles used for its consumption, 20 doses of cocaine, 67 psychotropic tablets, as well as an arsenal of edged weapons and a plastic pistol. 

The suspect is currently under judicial investigation in order to uncover the full truth of the case and arrest other possible accomplices. This operation is part of ongoing efforts to combat trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances, in particular “L’poufa”. 

The drug “L’poufa” is an extremely dangerous and addictive substance, wreaking havoc on the physical and mental health of those who consume it. It is known to cause short-term adverse effects such as mood disorders, hallucinations and respiratory problems. In the long term, it can cause permanent damage to the brain and nervous system, as well as heart and lung problems.

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