A man in his thirties throws himself in front of a train and a woman in her twenties leaps into the void

On Saturday afternoon, July 22, a 39-year-old man threw himself in front of a train coming from the city of Marrakech when it arrived in the rural commune of Machaâ Ben Abbou, according to a judicial source. The victim was identified by the Royal Gendarmerie, who rushed to the scene. The shredded corpse was collected by civil protection personnel and taken to the morgue for an autopsy.
Another case of suicide occurred on the same day in Tangier, when a 21-year-old girl threw herself out of the window of a 3rd-floor apartment in the Gueznaya district. Judicial police officers rushed to the scene to launch an investigation and determine the circumstances and motive behind the tragedy, while the body was evacuated to the morgue.

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