Casablanca: Crime and drugs

On Wednesday August 9, elements of the judicial police brigade of the Anfa security zone in Casablanca succeeded in arresting two people aged 23 and 34, one of whom was wanted nationally, on suspicion of being involved in the possession and promotion of drugs, explosives and smuggled flares. 

The security operation was carried out in downtown Casablanca, where the first suspect was found in possession of quantities of explosives, fireworks and psychotropic tablets, before ongoing searches and investigations led to the arrest of the supplier of these inflammable materials and the discovery of a further 1,315 units of smuggled firecrackers and fireworks at his home. 

The process of registering the two suspects in the Sûreté Nationale database revealed that one of them was the subject of two nationwide search warrants issued by the judicial police, on suspicion of involvement in material damage to private property and attacks on other people’s homes, as well as beating and wounding him with knives and theft. 

The two suspects have been the subject of a judicial investigation, which is being carried out under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office, in order to reveal all the circumstances and background to this case, as well as to identify all the criminal acts imputed to the persons concerned.

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