Wild Fires in Tata

The fires in the oases of the Tata province have caused considerable material losses. Faced with this disaster, several members of parliament have reacted, including the MP for the Tata constituency, Hassan Tabi, who has called for farmers affected by the fires to benefit from compensation from the Fund to combat the effects of natural disasters. 

 He submitted a written question to the Minister of Agriculture on the measures the government plans to take to ensure that these victims can benefit from compensation. 

 Despite this disaster, the province’s farmers have never received compensation, even though the fires of recent years have destroyed more than 14,000 palm trees. 
the Ministry of Agriculture had announced the creation of an inspection commission to assess the damage in the oases ravaged by the fires. 

 As a reminder, on Tuesday July 25, 
a fire broke out at several points in the Addis palm grove, located in Tata province, forcing some residents to evacuate. A large part of the Addis oasis was destroyed by the fire, which reduced a vast expanse of palm trees to ashes. 

 Although the authorities have managed to bring the fire under control to almost 95%, areas of the oasis remain at risk of further fires due to the current heat wave.

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