Casablanca mobilizes against bedbugs

The municipality of Casablanca is preparing to launch a vast sterilization campaign to eliminate insects and prevent bedbug infestation.

In a statement to Le Site info, Moulay Ahmed Afilal, the deputy mayor, said that the local development company would start the operation next week. These clean-up campaigns are carried out every month to combat mosquitoes, flies, rats and cockroaches, he said.

“This proactive initiative will also help to prevent the emergence of bedbugs, even though no exceptional spread has been recorded in the country to date”, Afilal assures us.

In a press release, the Ministry of Health stated that it had taken all appropriate measures to limit the risk of introduction and spread of this insect on national territory, in coordination with all stakeholders.

In addition to stepping up health surveillance at borders and monitoring the health and environmental situation in areas affected by the spread of bedbugs, the Ministry has provided citizens with a series of recommendations and advice on travel 

accessible via the Ministry’s official website and its social network accounts, the press release stresses, adding that the event-based surveillance system has been activated for the early detection of any unusual health incidents.

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