Holiday Like an Ogre in Airbnb’s Shrek Swamp

Have you ever dreamed of staying somewhere far, far away? For lovers of fairytales and forest getaways, Airbnb is hosting a unique stay in a “swamp” that many may find familiar.

Inspired by the DreamWorks Pictures film series Shrek, the private rental company has recreated the ogre’s humble home in the Highlands of Scotland, complete with boulders and “earwax” candles.

For those unfamiliar with the movies, the first film, made in 2001, follows Shrek, an antisocial ogre, and his companion Donkey on a quest to keep unwanted visitors from entering his swamp.

While the “stay out” signs outside the front of the property might scare away most forest creatures, a few lucky Airbnb guests are welcome to stay at “Shrek’s Swamp” and live like an ogre.

The treehouse comfortably fits up to three guests, and has wooden beds as well as “crocodile skin” furniture, while the floor is just dirt.

With a replica of the ogre’s wooden outdoor toilet — and a real toilet 20 meters away — the “swamp” includes everything guests need for a magical, if slightly muddy, stay.

“I’m swamp-sitting while Shrek’s away this Halloween, and I’m absolutely delighted to invite you in for a fairytale stay,” explains the listing, written from the point of view of Donkey.

The stay includes concierge service, as well as arranged meals and waffles for breakfast.

The swamp is available for one group of Airbnb guests between October 27 and October 29, and is completely free of charge.

While the chance to stay at the swamp is not a competition, guests can only request to book it starting October 13.

In honor of the stay, Airbnb will make a one-time donation to the HopScotch Children’s Charity, which gives disadvantaged children in Scotland the chance to go on trips and holidays.

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