Market gardening in Tangier

The programmed area under autumn vegetable crops amounts to over 60,000 hectares in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region. This area includes more than 24,000 ha of autumn vegetables, including 15,580 ha of potatoes (+10% on the previous year), 3,100 ha of onions (+5%) and 1,335 ha of tomatoes (+11%), according to the Regional Directorate of Agriculture. 

The regional directorate stressed that it has taken, in coordination with the regional Chamber of Agriculture, the regional agricultural advisory office, and all its partners, a series of measures, notably as part of the special program to intensify vegetable crops in the region, noting that its services have begun, since the start of the 2023-2024 agricultural season, to implement this program. 

 In this respect, the subsidy for potato seeds has been set at 15,000 Dhs/ha for certified seeds, compared with 8,000 DH for ordinary seeds, while for onions, support amounts to 5,000 Dhs/ha for certified seeds and seedlings, compared with 4,000 DH/ha for ordinary onion seeds and seedlings. 
 Certified seeds and seedlings for round tomatoes are also subsidized, noted the same source, pointing out that an amount of Dhs 70,000 is allocated for each ha planted in greenhouses, compared with Dhs 40,000 for open-field plantations. 

With regard to the means of production provided to encourage the use of selected seeds and support farmers to ensure the successful launch of the agricultural campaign, the Regional Directorate has allocated more than 325,000 quintals of fertilizers, and set up several sales outlets to bring the factors of production closer to farmers. 

 To this end, the subsidy on nitrogen fertilizers has been set at 50% of the market price (33% of the price of ammonitrate set at 240 dhs per quintal, urea 46% at 330 dhs and ammonia sulfate 21% at 150 dhs per quintal).  

 With regard to the development of planting techniques, more than 2,500 hectares are scheduled for direct seeding, notably in the provinces of Ouezzane, Larache and Tétouan. 

 In view of the exceptional climatic conditions currently being experienced in Morocco, linked in particular to late rainfall, the Office régional de mise en valeur agricole du Loukkos has been working to step up its awareness-raising campaigns among farmers in the Dar Khrofa irrigated perimeter, to encourage them to step up production and agricultural investment in irrigated farms, and to direct investment towards market garden crops in particular. 

 It should be noted that the Dar Khrofa irrigated perimeter, which covers an area of 21,000 ha, benefits 30,000 farmers.

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