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Ships arriving from countries affected by the exceptional spread of bedbugs are systematically subjected to a thorough inspection operation off the port of Tanger Med, before being granted permission to dock. In this respect, Abderrahim Rachdi, head of the health control department at the port of Tanger Med, stated that as part of the preventive efforts to counter the invasion of bedbugs in Moroccan ports, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has set up a system for controlling ships from countries affected by this plague, stressing that “the operation to control the ships concerned takes place outside Moroccan ports”. 

 The official noted that on Thursday, the Tanger Med health authorities carried out an inspection of a ship in application of these measures, pointing out that this operation begins with a check of the ship’s health documents, in particular the sterilization and disinsectisation certificate issued by the port of origin, followed by an inspection of all the ship’s cabins in accordance with the health provisions in force. 

 If the result of the inspection is negative, the ship is authorized to dock, unload its cargo and disembark its passengers. If the result is negative, the ship is quarantined in accordance with national and international regulations. 

 To date, more than 27 ships have been inspected off Moroccan ports, including 7 at the port of Tanger Med.
 For his part, the Director of the Tanger Med Harbour Master’s Office, Commandant Kamal Lakhmas, pointed out that, in accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection on the sanitary control of the proliferation of bedbugs, the port authority had made available to ships subject to controls a specialized launch for the transport of health officers in the harbor, enabling them to carry out controls before the ship docks. 

 In this context, the Tanger Med port authority reaffirms its commitment to contributing to the authorities’ efforts to combat the invasion of bedbugs, noting that this ship control procedure has been in place since October 07. 

 It should be noted that on October 4, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection announced the activation of the proactive health vigilance system at borders, affirming that all necessary measures had been taken to counter any possible infiltration of bedbugs on national territory, in coordination with all stakeholders.

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