Casablanca: Water management at the heart of Future In Africa

This conference will highlight the various opportunities offered by the digital sector to counter the accelerating scarcity of water in Morocco and Africa. Indeed, Morocco ranks 27th out of 164 countries in the World Resources Institute’s global water stress ranking. 
 As a result, an innovative digital transformation of the water sector will contribute both to the sustainability of natural resources and to the development of hydraulics in industry and agriculture. 

According to the organizers of Future In Africa, the event fits in perfectly with the Casablanca-Settat Region’s 2022-2027 Regional Development Program. The integration of digital technology into these axes promises to optimize public services, encourage innovation and strengthen coordination, thus contributing to regional growth. 

This latest edition of Future In Africa will see the participation of several officiels from Moroccan ministries and government agencies, as well as from several African countries such as Senegal, Tunisia and Egypt. Also present will be eminent national and international experts and researchers in the fields of water and new information technologies.

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