Commemoration: 25 years ago, the Father of all Moroccans left us

This commemoration, which comes just a few days before the 48th anniversary of the glorious Green March, eloquently illustrates the desire of a people to take ownership of its history, and to salute the spirit of a visionary King who knew how to guide Morocco along the path of modernity, while preserving its plural identity and millenary civilization. 

In fact, since his enthronement in 1961, the late His Majesty Hassan II, may God surround him with His infinite mercy, has scrupulously respected the milestones set by his revered father, the late His Majesty Mohammed V, and cemented their foundations, and embarked on a path of edification and unification that has given Morocco a privileged position in the concert of nations, enabling it to consolidate its stability, embark on the path of development and complete its territorial integrity. Indeed, it was under the reign of His Late Majesty Hassan II that Morocco was able to consolidate its national unity, notably with the recovery of the provinces of Sidi Ifni (June 30, 1969) and Oued Eddahab (August 14, 1979). 

 The cornerstone of this glorious achievement of territorial integrity was undoubtedly the organization, on November 06, 1975, of the glorious Green March, a peaceful and memorable epic that will go down in the annals of human history as a model for the peaceful settlement of disputes.

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