Is it safe for Jews to visit Morocco at this time?

During my upbringing in Morocco, I had numerous Jewish friends, many of whom, like many of us, left the country. 

Morocco has a long history of religious tolerance and coexistence between Muslims and Jews. Efforts have been made to preserve the country’s Jewish heritage, and the government has actively promoted religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue. King Mohammed VI has supported initiatives to protect religious minorities, including the Jewish community. 

However, current geopolitical events, such as the recent conflict in Israel, have led to increased sensitivities, resulting in a surge of hostility in Morocco. It is advisable for travelers, including Jewish visitors, to stay informed about the current situation, adhere to travel advisories, and exercise caution as necessary. Additionally, consulting relevant authorities or international travel advisories for the latest safety information and travel recommendations may be beneficial. 

Recent days have seen frequent rallies and demonstrations in Moroccan cities protesting Western countries’ support for Israel and expressing solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. Participants in these events have called for an end to normalization between Morocco and Israel and the closure of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat. 

Morocco became the fourth Arab country to normalize ties with Israel in 2020, following the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan, bringing the total number of Arab nations with ties to Israel to six, as Egypt and Jordan had already established full peace treaties with Israel in 1979 and 1994, respectively.

While Morocco is generally considered a country welcoming to Jews, it is essential to exercise caution during these uncertain times.

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