The Moroccan event scandal in Brussels is revealed by HNEWS Morocco.

According to HNews Morocco, it has come to our attention that attendees from the Moroccan community who participated in the recent event held in Brussels were left disappointed with the overall organization and the subpar quality of the catering provided. The event featured renowned Moroccan artist Hatim Ammor and was hosted by Samira Elbeloui, the esteemed presenter of the program Sabahiyat, on the second Moroccan channel, 2M.

Reports from HNews sources indicate that the attendees expressed their dissatisfaction with the event’s arrangements, notably the lackluster catering. They described the meal served as consisting of partially cooked chicken and cold potatoes, which failed to meet their expectations.

According to reliable sources in contact with HNews, it has been confirmed that 750 individuals from the Moroccan community residing abroad attended the evening event. These attendees paid a fee of 65 euros for entry and an additional 25 euros for those wishing to partake in dinner. The expectation was to enjoy a complete lyrical and artistic experience. However, the participants were disappointed when the performing artists only delivered two or three songs before leaving to fulfill other commitments at different venues. Furthermore, some artists resorted to lip-syncing, resulting in a lack of engagement with the performers and the audience.

On the other hand, a well-informed source affirmed that the evening, organized by Shoaib Anwar, the concert organizer and hosted by Samira Elbeloui, from 2m, was deemed successful by all measures. Despite the challenging circumstances, with the ongoing situation in Gaza, the event attracted a substantial crowd of 750 individuals. It is worth noting that the menu did not include potatoes and chicken, but a buffet was made available to all attendees.

The same source revealed to HNews that the success of this remarkable evening stirred up feelings of envy among rival organizers, who could not attract a sufficient audience for their event and were consequently forced to cancel it. On the other hand, a well-informed insider confirmed that the attendance for the evening was exceptional, with the venue filled to capacity. However, the organization of the event itself left much to be desired. The organizers failed to provide proper dressing rooms for the artists, leaving them exposed in an open space among attendees and guests. As a result, the artists were obliged to take pictures with everyone and engage in conversations with fans, both before and after the show. 

Understandably, this situation frustrated the famous artist Nassim Haddad, who initially refused to take the stage under such circumstances. It was only through the intervention of the lady in charge of the backstage, who managed to persuade him that he eventually agreed to perform.

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