Italy: Moroccans rank third among active foreign workers

The institution’s report, which covers the year 2022, reveals the census of foreign and national workers registered with the INPS scheme, stating that by the end of 2022, Italy had registered 4,159,880 foreign citizens, from EU and non-EU countries, of whom 3,630,154 (87.3%) are active workers, 304,510 (7.3%) are pensioners and 225,216 (5.4%) are recipients of income support benefits. 72.6%, or 3,020,242 foreigners, come from non-EU countries, 278,597 (6.7%) from EU15 countries and 861,041 (20.7%) from other European Union countries.

Analysis of the data by country of origin reveals the presence of 707,166 Romanians, who represent 17.0% of the total number of foreigners registered in the Institute’s archives, followed by Albanians (406,595 with a rate of 9.8%), Moroccans (323,158, thus representing 7.8% of the total).

Men predominate among foreign citizens (56.2%), particularly in Pakistan (94.6%), Bangladesh (93.6%), Egypt (91.7%), Senegal (83.7%), India (78.8%) and Morocco (71.7%).

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