OPPO joins global developers and creators to build an open ecosystem forward with breakthrough innovation at 2023

December 2023 —OPPO recently kicked off its 2023 OPPO Developers Conference (ODC23), unveiling its upgraded Pantanal cross-platform smart system and self-trained large language model-AndesGPT which empower the brand new ColorOS 14, and the exploration in open ecosystem for global developers and OPPO Health.

Upgraded OPPO’s Pantanal cross-platform smart system and AndesGPT empowering the brand new ColorOS 14

Since its first release in 2013, OPPO ColorOS has continued to bring users the ultimate smart experiences through its commitment to user orientation and investment in underlying technology. Marking the milestone of 10th anniversary, ColorOS 14 introduces a variety of new intelligent interactive experiences based on the advanced integration of upgraded OPPO’s Pantanal cross-platform smart system and OPPO’s self-trained large language model-AndesGPT for its China Version.

ColorOS global monthly active users exceeds 600 million

With the upgraded Pantanal’s capability, ColorOS 14 introduces a greater range of ubiquitous services, such as a full range of smart travel services covering everything from hotel reservations to recommendations and tour guide in China, as well as a one-stop international travel tool.

AndesGPT, creating useful large language model and AI agent for everyone

OPPO has officially unveiled its self-trained large language model-AndesGPT. Underlying with three major technical characteristics: dialogue enhancement, personalization and cloud-device collaboration, its core capabilities focus on knowledge, memory, tools, and creation.

The synergy of Pantanal and AndesGPT for upgraded ColorOS smart experience

Integration of OPPO’s software, hardware, and services to better empower global developers to build an open ecosystem forward

OPPO continues to enhance the integration of its software, hardware, and services while working with 320,000 developers and 750,000 creators to serve 600 million OPPO users worldwide. OPPO stated that it will focus on building the capability of application services, content services and go-global services, and it will focus on building the service ecosystem, to joint with partners to bring smarter and more convenient service experience to users.

OPPO’s Open Ecosystem with 320,000 developers and 750,000 creators

OPPO Internet services provide more growth opportunities for application and content developers through stronger localized operations and more open system capabilities.

OPPO Health: A guardian of health for individuals and families

Guided by its brand mission of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, OPPO has continued to expand its presence in the health industry in recent years, including developing a variety of fundamental technologies for sports and fitness, cardiovascular health, and sleep health, each of which have gradually made their way onto OPPO smartphones, smartwatches and other products. OPPO also unveils the latest progress of its Research App including Healthy Lifestyle Training Camp, Cognitive Health Research, Cardiovascular Health Research and the upcoming Sleep Health Research.

OPPO Sense® at ODC23

Based on the fundamental technologies and research projects, OPPO hope to become the guardian and partner of health for individuals and families.

Together, OPPO hopes to join more developers and creators for the continuing exploration and building an open ecosystem forward in the future.

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