Angel Fernandez Moreno’s novel “Beyond the Strait” presented in Fez

The novel “Au-delà du détroit” (Beyond the Strait) by Spanish writer Angel Fernandez Moreno was presented recently in Fez, at a meeting attended by a host of personalities from the worlds of culture and the media. According to the author, this is an action novel set in northern Morocco, with the plot beginning and ending in the city of Tetouan. In a statement to MAP, on the sidelines of the presentation ceremony for his opus at the initiative of the Cervantes Institute in Fez, the author declared himself “fascinated by the Kingdom and its landscapes, an attractive country with its cultural diversity”. “Through a journey across the Strait, we discovered Morocco, a great country of beauty, but above all of tolerance and coexistence”, he confided, noting that the book also traces the commonalities shared by the Kingdoms of Morocco and Spain. In the book, the protagonists, Jean Marie and Armando, travel from Alicante to Tetouan across the Strait of Gibraltar in just fifty minutes, changing continents, languages, cultures, currencies and religions,” explains Angel Fernandez Moreno. For him, these are two worlds that seem very far apart, but are closer than they appear. He refers to his other two great passions, travel and international gastronomy, which brought him to Morocco, where he found the inspiration to write his first novel.

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