Record exports of Moroccan melons to Spain: $10 million generated by 2023

Spain, a major player on the world melon scene, faced unfavorable weather conditions in 2023, with a harvest impacted by heat, heavy rain and even hail. This situation led to an increase in summer demand, and Morocco answered the call by becoming the main supplier of a record volume of melons, accounting for more than half of this year’s deliveries.    
Traditionally, Spanish imports of Moroccan melons were concentrated in the spring. However, due to difficult weather conditions in Spain, imports were extended to the summer. Morocco, responsive to market opportunities, has become the main supplier, surpassing even traditional countries such as Brazil and Senegal.    
In July alone, over 8,000 tonnes of Moroccan melons were shipped to Spain, demonstrating the flexibility of the Moroccan industry. Morocco now ranks third among melon suppliers to Spain, overtaking the Netherlands.    
This exceptional performance is part of a wider trend, placing Morocco 12th among the world’s melon exporters. With nearly 57,000 tons already shipped to 40 countries by 2023, export revenues exceed $61 million.    
Moroccan producers are thus strengthening their position on world markets, offering quality and diversified products. This conquest of the Spanish market confirms Morocco’s growing competitiveness in the global agricultural sector.

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