He dies of an overdose, his friend gets a life sentence

Sometimes, there are stories that go beyond the imagination. This is one of them, involving a young man who never imagined that the man he thought was his friend would turn out to be his number 1 enemy, and worse still, his murderer.

As soon as this young man set foot in the courtroom of the criminal division of the Casablanca Court of Appeal, which was manned by two police officers, a brouhaha broke out to such an extent that the president of the court, who was leafing through the minutes, addressed the audience, threatening to throw out anyone who uttered a single word. Calm returned relatively quickly, and the defendant took his place in the dock. Who is he and why is he causing such a commotion? 
He’s a young man, aged 28, from a poor family. But poverty is never a parental choice, nor a disgrace, nor even a vice, as the president of the court reminds him when he explains that it was poverty that threw him into the abyss of vengeance.

This young man never accepted that luck was on the side of his friend, with whom he spent years on the same school benches, from the first year of basic education to the baccalaureate. The more affluent of the two passed his baccalaureate while he failed. That was the last straw. The feeling of jealousy was exacerbated. “
I felt as if he was my bête noire,” he told the court, answering questions without denying that he had premeditatedly ended his friend’s life. It’
s true that his friend went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree before embarking on his master’s studies, while also managing to be recruited in a financial establishment. On the contrary, he was crushed by the unemployment machine. Sure, he managed as best he could, but deep down he was bitter that he hadn’t been able to realize even a snippet of his dreams. Why his friend and not him? That was the question that nagged at him both day and night, and it turned into a desire for revenge. “
He never scorned me. On the contrary, from time to time he’d invite me out for a drink in a bar or dinner in a restaurant. He’d even give me a 200 DH bill from time to time,” but jealousy won out over gratitude. 
“I bought some cocaine and put it in his glass of red wine,” he confessed. He intended to kill him with an overdose. A satanic idea that ended his friend’s life.
Verdict: Found guilty, the defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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