Rav Yoshiaou Pinto explains how to make Ayin Hara (evil eye) disappear easily?

RYM Student of Shuva Israel

“One of the most dangerous things in man’s life that people don’t feel is the Ayin Hara (evil eye),” Zadik Rav Yoshiaou Pinto explained in one of these courses.

KEVOD HARAV says, “Ayin Hara is the most dangerous thing. And even if it doesn’t damage immediately, it’s kept in a warehouse and when the dam breaks, the warehouse opens, to D… No matter what, and the sufferings and problems come to the man in a long and hard way and the man will begin to have fears, horrors and great anguish about the Ayin Hara. »

Rav Pinto narrated: “There are many explanations and commentaries on the subject of  Ayin Hara, and I in my youth wrote a Kuntrass on Ayin Hara.  There is a story of a great heretic, who did not believe in any subject that was not intellectual. Everything works in his mind only when it is intellectual. During the days when he grew stronger and attached to G-d, and had the merit of writing dozens of books on all the subjects of the Holy Torah. About the evil eye, he was puzzled and found this subject difficult for him, and he could not understand the depth of the evil eye.”

Rav Pinto continues: “This man went to cook a pot of meat, put all the tastes in the world in it, and divided it in two. He kept one part and the other part he took to prison, to those on death row who hadn’t seen meat in decades. From a distance, he showed them the meat for ten minutes, and when he took the meat and gave it to the dog, the dog immediately died of poison, and the other half of the pot was free of all poison and harm. From that time on, this Sage began to believe in total faith in the evil eye. »

Kevod Harav continues: “After writing this Kuntras and suffering personally from Ayin Hara, we have come to a great foundation that we have to go down this path, to remove the evil that is in us, in our hearts, in our souls. Thus, when man sees his success as coming from himself, his friends, or his relatives, he brings the evil eye into his home. However, when he considers his success coming from the Holy One, blessed be He, it is impossible for the evil eye to touch him.”

The Rav explains: “A man who is successful in what he undertakes and says that his success comes from his great wisdom and his path, he explicitly brings the Ayin Hara upon himself and finds himself faced with this dilemma. On the other hand, when man claims that his success comes from G-d… and not from him, and he attaches his success to the Holy One, blessed be He, he is saved from the evil eye. In the same way, a man who praises his friend’s wealth, because of him his friend, will find himself facing the Ayin Hara. But when he attaches his friend’s success to the Creator, he saves his friend from Ayin Hara.”

The Rav concludes by saying, “It is the same with other things, life and death are in the hand of language, man destroys his friend with the evil eye and himself. But if a person believes that all he has accomplished is simply the gift of G-d, then the evil eye does not control him.”

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