AGENZ Obtains OPCI Accreditation and Launches AGENZ VALUATION, Strengthening its Position in the Real Estate Evaluation Sector

Morocco, January 2024 – AGENZ, the innovative startup specializing in real estate data and online property valuation, announces the attainment of its OPCI (Organisme de Placement Collectif en Immobilier) evaluator accreditation and officially launches its real estate evaluation, consulting, and expertise activity, AGENZ VALUATION.

The OPCI accreditation, issued by the Ministry of Finance, attests to the rigorous standards that AGENZ adheres to in its real estate valuation methods. This validation underscores the company’s commitment to providing regulated and secure real estate solutions, thereby enhancing its reputation in the market.

Founded in 2021, has established itself as a leading online real estate platform in Morocco. Attracting 200,000 unique visitors per month, it greatly facilitates the realization of individuals’ real estate projects, including buying, selling, and estimation, making these processes significantly smoother. 

With the recently obtained OPCI accreditation, AGENZ is expanding its range of services with its new Agenz Valuationbusiness, to offer expert appraisal, consulting and market research services to investors, banks and portfolio managers, marking a significant milestone in its development.

Mr. Malik Belkeziz, founder and CEO of AGENZ, states: “This accreditation reflects the high quality of our services and the strength of our experience, demonstrated by the successful completion of numerous projects for our institutional clients (banks, insurance companies, funds, etc.). It instills additional confidence in our B2B clients, thereby reinforcing our reputation in the sector. This achievement clearly demonstrates that innovation is compatible with adherence to the strictest regulatory standards.”

About OPCI:

The Organisme de Placement Collectif Immobilier (OPCI) is a regulated investment vehicle whose main purpose is the acquisition or construction of buildings exclusively for rental purposes. This investment vehicle provides investors of all types (individuals, legal entities, qualified investors, etc.) access to the real estate market by acquiring units or shares in an OPCI that directly or indirectly holds real estate assets.

About AGENZ:

The platform offers Moroccans a comprehensive online real estate experience, going beyond real estate valuation, with thousands of selected listings across Morocco and a portal for mortgage access.

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