Rabbi Pinto explains: How to neutralize the evil eye easily?

Everyone fears the evil eye and many pursue virtues that neutralize the evil eyes that are directed in our direction.

Rebbe Rabbi Josiah Pinto explained in his Miami lesson the destructive power of the evil eye, which has the power, through negative thought, to destroy lives. But on the other hand, also the solution that exists within us.

For example, Rabbi Pinto said, you have advanced at work and you want to succeed in the new challenges, but around you there are people who think badly of you, with the power of their thinking to harm you and ruin your career.

So what’s the solution? Rabbi Pinto wondered, according to him, the solution lies within us, within us. If we are strong enough in heart and mind, and we don’t let anyone outside influence us, then no evil eye will control us.

And this does not mean being indifferent to the environment and detached, Rabbi Pinto added, but to be strong and not let anyone enter us with thoughts and feelings, confidence in the path and strong faith in G-d.

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