Confused by the war? Rabbi Pinto makes Seder – voila! Judaism

We are going through a difficult period of war and instability. The situation in the south and north does not give rest, but especially now – we need to increase faith in God, said Rebbe Rabbi Josiah Pinto in his last lecture in New York.
According to him, we must not engage in “dialogues” with G-d, because we must behave with Him with “innocence.” And innocence is stability, meaning that not every crisis completely breaks us down and breaks our faith in it.

“Faith is long-term, not short-term. It is impossible to lose faith and crash completely,” he said, “learn to do things with G-d – innocently. No dialogues with him,” added Rabbi Pinto.

According to him, “Faith must be strong and with great confidence in God. Faith must be long-term, faith that is not long-term – it is hollow,” explained Rabbi Pinto, “You need strong faith, not faith that when there is a crisis, everything falls apart. Not to break the dishes because of one difficulty or another is a strong belief,” he added.

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