Shuva Israel: Over ten new branches opened in Israel –

Extraordinary spiritual momentum: more than ten branches and yeshivas were opened in Israel in the past year alone by Shova Israel – the institutions of Rebbe Rabbi Josiah Pinto.

In recent years, Shova Israel has become a global center for spreading Torah and prayer and helping others. The yeshivas are scattered throughout the United States, Europe, Morocco, Israel and other countries.

In the past year, more than ten branches and yeshivas have been opened in Israel; In Jerusalem, Or Yehuda, Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Herzliya, Tiberias, Ramat Gan, Ashdod, Hadera and Ra’anana. In the coming months, Kiryat Gat and Kiryat Yam are also expected to open.

Yesterday, the presentation of a Sefer Torah was held for the new yeshiva established in the Mishkenot HaUma neighborhood of Jerusalem. Local residents came to dance with the Torah scroll and rejoice in the establishment of the synagogue.

This year, Rabbi Pinto marks 30 years since the establishment of Shova Israel, which has more than 100 yeshivas and branches around the world. The ultimate goal of Rabbi Pinto’s institutions is to connect, spread Judaism and especially help the needy and weak.

Rabbi Pinto himself intensively visits his institutions around the world, meets with his students and gives Torah and reinforcement lessons that are broadcast live on social networks and selected sites.

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