Reading and studying the verses from several things according to the leadership of the Rebbe

Tuesday 2 Adar 2: {h}And you kept all the mitzvah Ash’ar A’nak’i Mitzuch and you came and inherited the Eretz Ash’ar Etem ‘A’bar’im Sh’emah to inherit: {i} And to Ma’an T’a’aḥṭ and ha’aretz ash’irat’em ‘a’bar’im :*sh’maṣ For thou shalt reap thy harvest in thy breast, and thou shalt forget Amar in the field, thou shalt not return to take him to the stranger, to the orphan, and to the widow, for the sake of the LORD thy God bless thee, in all that thou hast done”For the book of Deuteronomy, call*8260 or contact us on the Facebook and Instagram page@seferdvarim

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