Twenty-year-old man arrested for attempting to kidnap and rape a minor

In Tiznit, this fourteen-year-old teenager is taking the route to Annour middle school this Friday. This has been her daily routine since she graduated from primary school to begin her college studies.

No one has ever touched her or cut her off. Unfortunately, on this particular day, she noticed a young man with a dog following her. She hurries to cover the distance, but the young man cuts her off. Armed with a knife, he stopped her in her tracks. He threatens to unleash his dog on her if she refuses to accompany him to a vacant lot. The teenager begs him to let her go to college. To no avail. The teenager finds the strength to scream and call for help, then runs away. The accused also fled. But onlookers pursued and caught him. They held him until the police arrived. Held in police custody, he was interrogated and confessed to the crime of attempted kidnapping and indecent assault on a minor.

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